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Access To More Than 3000 Offices World Wide

Trusted By More Than 3000 Members

At RM1/Day


With Noofiz business club membership at RM1/day, member can access to Co-working Space, service office, virtual office and business center world wide, pay per use with no huge monthly commitments and minimum overhead. All service office and business center is fully renovated and fully furnished, equipped with office facilities, meeting room, receptionist, private discussion room, lounge......etc. Your business can expand globally by using our world wide office facilities and business support. Local business address and business phone number is an optional services for members.

World Wide Office Network




Your Office Now Nearer

No Traffic Jam, No Toll, No Parking Fees...

Your Mail & Parcel Send To Office Now Can Forward to More Than 1500 Locations In Malaysia. Cheaper, Nearer and Pickup Anytime You Like.


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